Mercedes Benz C63 AMG BRUTAL Revs, INSANE Startup+Fast Testdrive!!!!

I recorded my very special experience test driving a Mercedes C63 AMG, the car is absolutely MIND BLOWING!! The car is brutal hands down & the 6.2/6.3 Liter V-8 is no joke. Its very tight, & it is a lot quicker than you would expect. Foot down acceleration is gut-wrenching & puts you in another league. I'll let the video do the talking, Enjoy & don't forget to Subscribe. P.S. Watch until the end to hear an INSANE Start up

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white mercedes C63 AMG sedan!
i spot this awesome white mercedes benz C63 AMG sedan near a theatre in williamstown, MA. in my opinion white is the best color for this car (aside from red and matte black) this car has a huge 6.3 liter V8 engine, which makes it VERY fast and brutally good at drifting :) remember to rate, comment, and subscribe for more exotic and luxury car videos!

GOLD BRABUS C63 AMG HARD acceleration in Dubai
Awesome Car!!!!

Ferrari California Start Up & Accelerate
I record an absolutely gorgeous Ferrari California, first are a few static shots. Then it starts its raspy V8 and accelerates leaving a nice note. Enjoy and don't forget to Subscribe!!

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG - On Board
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