Tony's 3000 XL Capri

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Capri V8 Update and More Tire Abuse!
Hi! Just a short video to show some of the updates to Agent 8771's 1974 Ford Capri. He built a roller-cam 5.0 litre with aluminum heads and a little more cam to add to the fun. We also did the "RS" paint job to the hood and tops of the fenders and replaced the bent hood with a nice straight one. Lots of tuning and detail work has resulted in a super fun, reliable Capri that will destroy tires all day long.

1973 Ford Capri 3000 V6
1973 Ford Capri 3000 V6

Ford Capri Documentary - The Car is the Star Part 1
The Car's the Star presented by Quentin Wilson. This documentary is in two parts and is all about the Ford Capri. I've had eight Capris, so this is just up my street, I hope it is yours - enjoy! This is part 1

Ford Capri 3000 GXL - how good a drivers car was this ?
The Ford Capri 3.0 Litre GXL was a fast tough drivers car from 1972 and was the fastest car Ford GB had marketed to date. This was one of the most enjoyable cars I was ever lucky enough to have owned.