Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera VS Yale Forklift

enjoy the sounds of the supercars

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INSANELY FUNNY forklift fail complition!
Some nice forklift truck fails! Check out the new fail videos, tank fails: dirtbike fails: russian car crashes:

Young Forklift Operator Breaks His Back
From Lost Youth: John Higgins was an ordinary teenager who loved playing basketball and had big plans for his future, but all that changed the day his back was broken in a workplace accident.

Tire Kingdom F150 Truck Lift
My Truck never has been the same! Tire Kingdom WILL NEVER SEE THE COLOR OF MY MONEY ANYMORE !!!!!!!!

Car free falls 18 stories into Chicago River
Ouch!! 2 black Cutlass' launched from 18 floors above into Chicago River. The cars are destroyed. Filmed with 6-35mm cameras and a crash cam in the car. This is my camcorders view of it from 2 of the camera positions.