Open Header K20 Civic Si chases Supra

Electric cut-off open

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Civic Type R B16B Open Headers
Music: Tiestos club life 377. Seven Lions feat. Kerli - Worlds Apart Em1 Coupe B16B swap in 1 day thanks to my main man Mike. Heres a quick video of the engine coming back to life, as well as a first test drive with open headers. Few 9000RPM rips in this video, Stay tunes for more B16B videos,

718 Turbo Civic vs RPL Supra M&S Built
RPL Supra Built by M&S Performance vs 718 turbo Civic RPL Spots 718 2 Cars and the break/leave/go $5,000 Pot

JDM D17A Head on D17A1 EM2 Civic Open Header Acceleration
Be sure to comment, share or subscribe! --------------------------------------------- The Exhaust rattled the bolts out again so i took a quick video. I had to lift because a car came over the horizon, and this thing is loud as balls. This is after i swapped a D17A head that i pulled off a d17a i ordered of the internet onto my d17a1. The car isn't turbo anymore, and it will probably be a while before it is again, but i will not give up! Just wanna save up for a cheap s2000, then come back and build an engine for this car. Can't afford to blow my DD.

First Test Drive 96 Civic EK K20 Open Header K-Tuned Ram Horn Header
Fully Built All Motor K20 Swap EK. K-Tuned Ram Horn Header OPEN HEADER