MR2 Rebuild

1993 Toyota MR2 turbo Engine Rebuild with: .20 over Wiseco Forged Pistons HKS 264 Cams CT-26 60-1 turbo Upgrade And much more...

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mr2 3sgte engine rebuild
mr2 3sgte rebuild cp piston brian crower sw20

Mr2 Rebuild
Just a quick video I put together with the few pictures I took during my rebuild. The block was machined and assembled at my local machine shop only because then they can double check there work...and they still F'ed up on the thrust bearing's. Now I gotta pull the motor again and bring the block back. #$%^&

MR2 turbo sw20 3sgte. 700HP
AEM. C116 28psi

Toyota MR2 Turbo walk around
1992 Toyota MR2 - JDM 3S-GTE Gen2 engine MR2 turbo walk around and engine start up. I was rebuilding this engine and transmission for approx. 8 months with help of my friends, on the 12th June 2011 we installed the rebuilt engine and tranny. The engine and transmission were rebuilt with new original Toyota parts, such as bearings, synchronizers, gaskets, belts, except for CP forged pistons, Cometic MLS head gasket, ARP head studs, Competition Clutch Stage 2 carbon - kevlar clutch kit,... Parts installed: - H&R lowering springs -25mm - TRD rear strut brace - TRD 300km/h speedo (JDM) - TRD radiator cap - CT20b Hybrid turbo - Toyota Supra MKIV Twin turbo fuel pump 195130-1020 - Japspeed 3'' Exhaust - Japspeed 3'' decat downpipe - Competition Clutch Stage 2 carbon - kevlar clutch kit - Blitz SUS induction kit - Gates 10'' Intercooler fan - Cometic MLS head gasket - ARP head studs - CP forged Pistons SC7450 86,50mm 9,0:1 comp. - EBC Red Stuff brake pads - REV 3 rear lights set - REV 5 rear spoiler - Borbet A 17'' wheels - Powerflex Polyurethane bushes - Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost controller - 2 DIN TFT PNA with Igo8 R3 Navi - New leather seats 2 tone combination - Remote controlled locking system - New water radiator Currently running on stock settings and ECU. The car will get a new respray in the upcomming weeks. During this summer the MR2 will get: - Supra MKIV TT injectors - GT4 water Intercooler - new ECU and mapping