MR2 Rebuild

1993 Toyota MR2 turbo Engine Rebuild with: .20 over Wiseco Forged Pistons HKS 264 Cams CT-26 60-1 turbo Upgrade And much more...

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Mr2 Rebuild
Just a quick video I put together with the few pictures I took during my rebuild. The block was machined and assembled at my local machine shop only because then they can double check there work...and they still F'ed up on the thrust bearing's. Now I gotta pull the motor again and bring the block back. #$%^&

mr2 turbo, new spy cam, 400hp!
just a quick test of my new cheap spy cam i strapped to the front bumper of my mr2 turbo.... little boring in places... spec; RARE 1998 JDM revision 5 GT turbo (gen3), Apexi RX6B turbo, 1.45bar, powerFC, HKS 264s and tons of phoenix power bolt ons. 343whp, 305whtq! (403crank, 360crank torque), on pump fuel. the file has been serious compressed to get it onto youtube, so lost alot of quality! but still good as you can hear the cams at idle, and the screamer sounds sweet!

Gen2 3S-GE rebuild/swap into a 91 MR2 hardtop
(Mostly) stock 2nd gen 3S-GE rebuild. Had the car for almost five years, but never got around to doing this. Whole project took about three months only working on the weekends. Kind of a long time for how straightforward the build was supposed to be. Wanted to make this video shorter since the last one was over 7 minutes long. Footage I had to work with didn't turn out as great as hoped for, and I wasn't about to tear the car apart to get it so... Yea, the trunk looks ghetto as hell...haven't addressed that yet heh. And let's see who can spot the continuity error...

CT26 Turbo Compressor Wheels
Read the update at the bottom.... Rebuilding the turbo in my 91 Supra. I was planning on putting the original compressor wheel back in for balance reasons but it was bent up and a piece was actually missing on one of the fins. So, I am taking the chances by installing this new compressor wheel that I ordered on ebay from turbos_r_us for $28.85 after shipping. They said the wheels were take-outs from CT26 turbos they performed upgrades to. They said it's "OEM TOYOTA genuine!" Upon inspection, I was curious as to why there was not a CNC mill notch on the top from the balancing process like the old wheel. However, there is visible wear in the shaft cylinder as well as where the nuts pressed against it. Maybe it's one of the rare few that are balanced coming out of the mill. I don't know if it shows but there is a small "B" about 2mm tall embossed between two of the fins on the new wheel. I forgot to check if the old one had one when I was at home. It was covered in oil from the PCV line, anyway. (I just checked. The old one has a "B" in the same location, as well. That's pretty convincing.) I just hope this wasn't taken out of a Chinese turbo. :\ Though, I trust them enough that I'm trying it out. At least it's not a moving part relative to any piece it's touching (like a bearing). I'll keep updates on the performance of the new wheel. Of course, if it completely blows up my car, I'll be writing an all caps warning not to buy turbo wheels on ebay! As for now, let's put it back together... with plenty of assembly lube. Update: It's one year later, now. About three months ago (9 months in), it started making shearing noises as if the compressor wheel was hitting the inside wall of the housing upon Boost. I noticed the car started smoking blue smoke upon cold starts ups as well. I originally thought this was due my valve seals because it got pretty hot a few times before I replaced the thermal fan clutch but I held off replacing them because... I ended up getting the turbo professionally rebuilt by G-Pop Shop in Arizona. I paid about $400 after return shipping. I have to say, it was the best investment for a part so crucial to performance engines. They took my dirty unbalanced turbo and performed magic. When I got it back two weeks later, it looked better than I could imagine coming off the factory line. It was spotless, inside and out. They even filed the compressor fins to dive through the incoming air. I've been driving it about two months now and it sounds much better, too. I mentioned when I did the rebuild, it had a low pitch on spool up, but now, after sending it away, it makes a high pitch whistling pierce upon spool up. It sounds incredible! No exaggeration. So, if I were to suggest anything, I'd suggest spending the extra $300 ($400 minus ebay kit cost) to have them do the job. Oh yeah, included in their price is the full rebuild kit and balancing. They even offer upgrades for some turbos. And you do get back the turbo you sent them.