Dent Sport Garage MG Toyota Supra Turbo Motor Swap Dyno Session #1

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Supra Mg vs. o6 GTO
Supra Mg @ 20 psi, MT drag radials no burnout vs. 06 GTO on slicks and Nitrous. MG wins by a few cars but the GTO was quicker than I expected.

MG BGT with Nissan SR20DET Swap 240hp
Few typify a classic car show in the UK or Ireland quite like the MGB GT either; the model is almost a staple of car culture at this point. I’ve never really appreciated them that much though, which is sort of surprising when I look at one closer. A Nissan Silvia SR20DET engine and matching 5-speed gearbox shoehorned into the vintage British chassis. The gearbox tunnel has been completely reworked to make it fit, and you can see where the shifter has ended up, which is much further back than the original. The SR20 produces around 240hp – an absolute sh*t tonne of power when compared to the BGT’s standard mill. To cope with this increase the car has been fully poly-bushed, fitted with adjustable Gaz shocks and given an EBC brake upgrade too.

mgb duratec
MGB Going through some changes over the last couple of years. Best played in full screen and loud, a few pics at start but let it play.

MGB with Ford 302 (and a bunch of other mods) Dyno Pull
1st Dyno pull.