Maverick vs GN wagon

Me in my 1972 Ford Maverick w/351 vs a Buick wagon with a Grand National engine w/Garrett turbo.

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Este carro me encanta esta muy bonito

351 Windsor Maverick Cam Break In
Breaking in the cam in a 351 Windsor after installing in a Ford Maverick.

GN vs. GT500
I ran a GT500, he wasnt talking to anyone, just acting like his GT500 was a Ford GT or something. He did a really weird burnout and I let him get the jump. I guess he liked his rims to much to get a stickier tire because all he did was spin. It wasnt even a race, his time ended up being 21.41 seconds in the quarter.

Ford Maverick - Parte 1
235 Fotos do Ford Maverick