Mazda 787B Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011

This is the 1991 Le Mans winning Mazda 787B at the start line of the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed. You can get a good idea of the sound this thing produced by watching the the marshal at the right rear when the car backfires! Mark Ticehurst at the wheel.

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Mazda 767B, Sauber Mercedes C9, Porsche 911 GT1, McLaren F1 GTR and many more cars are featured in this 4 minute video. Don't think anything else is needed in this description! Put that volume up, attach your computer to a decent set of speakers/headphones and experience what heaven sounds like! Thank you very much for watching, consider leaving a like/comment to support us and definetely subscribe for more! As always: We'll see you at the track! HistoricRacingHD's goal: "The cars of today are made by those of the past. Together with you, we are able to keep those legends alive." Follow us on our social media pages so you can be part of a global community that keeps classic cars alive! We need YOU more than you need us to keep this going! Follow us on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! Download high resolution pictures for free on our Flickr page!

Mazda 787B 1991 Le Mans Winner - LOUD!!!
Register for FREE on Playground For Car Enthusiasts Become a Fan Follow us on The Legendary Mazda 787B with its R26B Engine, a 4 Rotor Mazda Rotary Engine, the First and ONLY Japanese Car to Outright Win at Le Mans. After that win the Rotary Engine was banned from ever competing again at Le Mans. This video shows the Mazda 787B at Festival of Speed 2011. Enjoy the engine noise at hard acceleration.

Mazda 787B at Goodwood July 2011
Le Mans winning car 1991

62 years of Formula 1
Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011. The starting line for the F1 run group.