Honda's All-New 2014 Grom

Honda's 2014 Grom is a fresh, new way to add some fun, practicality, independence and style to your life. Fun: This new machine is a blast to ride, offering all the excitement of a full-sized motorcycle but in a package that just about anyone old enough to have a license can handle. Practical: The Grom's thrifty Honda engine means you can run it on pocket change, and you can park it just about anywhere too. Independence: With your own wheels, you can bag the bus and forget about having to beg for rides from your friends or—shudder—your Mom. Stylish: Check out the Grom for yourself. And then think of it as a blank canvas, waiting for you to customize it. The new Honda Grom. Big attitude. Ride one and see.

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Gromkhana: The Grom Escape
Honda Groms + gymkhana = GROMKHANA in this fun short from Motorcyclist magazine. Road Test Editor Ari Henning and Associate Editor Zack Courts suit up and slide around on two Yoshimura Groms. CLICK HERE for more Grom Fever on our website! Check out GROMKHANA II -

Motorcycle Briefcase made by Honda!!!
I think Tony Stark has one of these as well. mykarz: "...those scooters actually came as an optional accessory with i think it was a civic or accord in like 82-83. They were built to specifically fit in the trunk of that car, which is pretty cool in my opinion.  Only however many cars that were sold in that time span that had those scooters added, are how many of those that exist. Its a super rare little scooter, so you're lucky to see one."

Honda Grom & Kawasaki Z125 Pro In San Francisco | ON TWO WHEELS
FROM DUSK TO DAWN! The idea behind riding a Grom and a Z125 through San Francisco didn’t actually come about as a way to pit one 125cc bike against another. The guys wanted to explore San Francisco, and when they tried to think about the perfect bike for the job, these two were at the front of their minds. After all, if you’re going to bomb around a city, what better way than with 125cc and 225 pounds of machine? Skeptics will say these two are too slow to have fun, but think of it this way: You ride everywhere as fast as you can!

2017 Honda Grom 125 Walk-Around / Start-Up Video | Review at (Matte Gray Metallic)
Detailed 2017 Grom Review at covering 2015 vs 2017 Model Changes, horsepower, Modifications + More! Covering this Motorcycle and many other 2017 Motorcycles! Model: 2017 Honda Grom 125 Model ID: GROM125H Price / MSRP: $3,199 Color: Matte Gray Metallic ● Detailed 2017 Honda Grom Review of Specs & Changes - ni-sport-bike-naked-streetfighter ● 200+ Custom 2017 Honda Grom / MSX125 Pictures - ance-parts-accessories-Exhaust-lowered-mods ● 200+ Custom 2013 / 2014 / 2015 Honda Grom & MSX125 Pictures - gallery/ ● Archive of ALL Honda Grom / MSX Blog Posts - * This video can not be used or downloaded and used by any other website than