Tractor Pulling Finland Alahärmä 3.7.2010 part 1.avi

kooste alahärmän tractor pulling kisoista

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Tractor Pulling Finland Alahärmä 3.7.2010 part 2.avi
kooste alahärmän tractor pulling kilpailuista

Tractor Pulling Finland Piikkiö 11.6.2011 part 2/2
kooste Piikkiössä ajetusta kauden ensimmäisestä Tractor Pulling kisasta. modified 3,5t pitäisi olla 4,5t

Tractorpulling - Best of Crash
Check out part 2 as well! My compilation of the crashes I filmed between 2007 and 2011, it's from the european tractorpulling events no one in the video got seriously hurt.

USA EAST Big Rigs Pulling Series, Crawford County Fair. Meadville, PA
USA East brings the big rigs pulling series to the Crawford County Fair in Meadville Pennsylvania. 5 trucks competed for a $7,000 purse...