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Russian Ural Wolf real chopper

It's my Ural Wolf castom. If you like this bike, you can see this photo https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/l-R2TTuqoJHbsNB76OASBQ?feat=directlink and https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/P4WTMKfxzNjpIZOaER5exA?feat=directlink and https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/KR-5YzkdsM1z5GsYbRqIYSR7_i5cT4jEXBBsMhSpnck?feat=directlink ---------------------------------------- 2012.05.10 new fotos http://cs10397.userapi.com/u839685/139846877/z_eae69cbc.jpg and http://cs10397.userapi.com/u839685/139846877/z_7ae3f76c.jpg


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Ural 1040ccm sound check
Sound URAL 1040ccm (Fun Setup)

oldschool SKULL К-750 "Dozer garage"

что США думает о 2013 Урал
что США думает о 2013 Урал

Урал чоппер
1,5 года валялся в гараже, оживили вот))) http://vk.com/id5464840 sancho_85@rambler.ru http://imalcoholic.narod2.ru/ пишите если есть какие вопросы. Ребят извините кому не ответил пишите на мыло либо в ВК сдесь я бываю редко =)

Ural m 63

Урал-ВОЯЖ Женькин

Ural Rertro Custom White at Ural Of New England 978-263-9000
A stylish look from the thirties with the technology and reliability of the 21st century. This is by far the most technologically advanced bike that one can purchase with the true Pre-WWII look and the best-in-class 2 year Unlimited Mileage Factory Warranty. At Ural of New England we go a step further - we offer "Retro" model in the unique configuration with custom set of Final Gears with higher ratio. Engines are tuned by our tech for increased low end torque and faster acceleration and increased max speed to utilize benefits of high ratio gears. This particular All-White Retro has Black Powder coated Engine, Transmission and Final Drive. "Retro" model is dramatically different from all other Ural models: bike frame, side car frame, wheels, suspensions, head lamp styling, luxury sidecar interior and seat, luxury rider seat, tear-drop style gas tank, custom striping (made by ladies at the factory), fenders, running lighting, tank mounted reverse gear shifter, foot brake pedal arrangement and much more. www.UralNE.com

Ural vs HD
найдено на просторах


Ural Wolf Motorcycle in Québec, QC
Going to Halifax from IMZ Redmond, WA - Trans-Canada Highway going East (2007-04-25).

Ирбитский государственный музей мотоциклов Урал
Рассказ о мотоциклах "Урал"

2014 Gear up Burnt Orange Custom Accessories Overview, Ural of New England, Boxborough MA
AlphaCars & Ural of New England, Boxborough MA www.alphacars.com 978-263-9000 www.uralne.com This 2014 Ural Gear Up also has a black powder coated engine and drivetrain including engine, transmission, final drive, and even the backing plate for the side car brake mechanism. This optional drivetrain powder coating is the only reliable protection of otherwise exposed aluminum parts of stock bikes from moisture, snow, salt and mud. In addition to the powder coated drivetrain, this particular Gear Up received a factory-installed, rubberized, weather-proof coating. This durable coating is applied to the under-side of the sidecar body, and the underside of both the front and rear fender. This bike also has a windshield with an all-metal, color-matched fairing, a sidecar windshield with an apron and a partial rear seating package which includes rear handlebars and rear foot pegs. The rear fender rack can be outfitted with a cushion, or can be replaced with a rear seat for additional seating. Shown with following optional equipment : Custom Body Color "Burnt Orange" Black Powder Coated Drivetrain Weather-Proof coating Windshield with all-metal, color-matched fairing Sidecar windshield with apron Partial rear seating package Twin Shift Kit (Forward / Reverse) Baraholka Kit Front Nose Rack w/Mirror Driving/Fog Lights, Sidecar Front Bumper Tow Hitch 2WD Rear Bumper, Sidecar Fender Rack: Sidecar Tractor Seat, Extra Spring Hazard Flasher Kit Hella H4 Headlight Upgrade & Visor Transfer Fuel Canister to Right Front of Sidecar

Кастомайзинг мотоцикла Урал
Очередной мотоцикл в переделке екатеринбуржского творца Михалыча. От Урала тут остались лишь мост, двигатель и коробка. Хвост - из каталога. Всё остальное - практически со свалки, но имея правильно вставленные руки - посмотрите, что может получится из реального хлама. Сюжет из телепрограммы, больше развлекательного плана, чем замороченного технически. Но всё-равно можно многое почерпнуть из "кухни" кастома.

Ural sT - Test Drive
Having been at URAL-Europe in Linz/Austria this is the first test drive ever with an Ural sT in Europe, which is the latest solo version of Ural Motorcycles

Клип открытие байкерского сезона 2009 на "Новой Водолаге" 16 мая Харьковский район,Украина

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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