2007 Chevrolet Silverado True Dual Straight Pipes

Chevy Silverado True Dual Straight Pipes

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2010 silverado 5.3 Z71 4x4 true dual straight piped
2010 silverado 5.3 Z71 4x4. Debadged. true dual straight piped. 35s waiting on Dynomax bullets

2001 Chevy Z71 5.3 True Dual Straight Pipes Cold Start
"Bam Bam" is my 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 LS Z71 with true dual 2.5" straight pipes from the stock cats all the way back to stainless 4"x18" tips. Only revving up to about 3000 but it was 0 degrees out, the trucks actually quite a bit louder than this.

2013 chevy silverado ltz 6.2 l true dual straight pipes wit
Straight piped true duals with cats on

1999 & 2003 Z71 Straight Pipes
1999 Chevy Z71 & 2003 GMC Sierra Z71 True Dual Straight Pipe Exhaust