The Money Pit 1941 Plymouth

1941 Plymouth Gasser

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Our 1941 Plymouth Gasser
Just back from the MOT station with a pass certificate :-) Now to get the old girl registered then she'll be burning rubber & destroying eardrums. I can almost taste the ASBO haha


Street legal '48 Ford Coupe Gasser - Drag & Burn-out. Zandvoort
Just some raw footage of a nice '48 Ford Coupe gasser at the American Sunday event held in Zandvoort on april the 17th 2011. A real nice period correct '60's style gasser. That packs oldsmobile power. Don't you just love the way it sounds out of those beautiful open headers? To bad I only captured one run of the car! The owner does a nice little burnout at the end of the video. I can't seem to get the HD working with the software I am using right now. I will be uploading more videos of interesting cars from this event soon. So stay tuned!

Dutch Hot Rods & Kustoms 1941 Plymouth Von Skip
Dutch Hot Rods & Kustoms - 1941 Plymouth - Von Skip - Eindhoven Rod City - Trashers Car Club