Polishing tips

How to get a glass finish using sandpaper and polish.

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Tips and Tricks for Building Show Quality Model Cars DELETED SCENE!
This is a scene that we could not fit on the Tips and Tricks DVDs. It's about polishing. Again, if you have any questions about your model cars, contact Donn Yost on his website www.oldmansmodels.com. Hope you enjoy

HOW TO | Wet Sanding & Polishing
This video show how to wet sand and polish your model cars. link for the abrasive cloths: http://www.micromark.com/micro-mesh-finishing-kit,7601.html

Italeri 348TB - Part 4A - Polishing and Waxing
In the next two videos I walk through the sanding, cut, polish and waxing of the Ferrari 348 TB body.