2009 Mustang GT VS Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013

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350z vs 2013 Genesis 3.8
2005 350z with test pipes and catback and intake. not tuned "6speed" 2013 genesis coupe 3.8 with cutback. "automatic" 40 roll

Genesis Coupe 3.8 vs Mustang 3.7 vs G37s vs Charger R/T
Genesis and Mustang is auto mods G37s and R/T ( unknown ) Just Friendly Race ;)

Genesis Coupe 3.8 vs Ford Mustang GT V8
Genesis Coupe Al-Ancaboot V6 auto mods Mustang GT V8 manual mods Friendly Race ;)

276hp Genesis 2.0t vs Mustang GT
Enjoy! few low rolls, a dig run and some highway pulls.