[720p HD MOVIE] Wangan Midnight English Subtitles

Watch the Anime here! http://kissanime.com/Anime/Wangan-Midnight "In other words, the forty-one-year-old Datsun Z approaches the capabilities of a new Scion FR-S, at least as measured by seat-of-the-pants, real-world driving. What's even more surprising and splendid, though, is that the Scion FR-S feels a lot like a forty-one-year-old Datsun Z." Read more: http://www.automobilemag.com/reviews/driven/1210_respect_your_elders_1971_datson_240z_vs_2013_scion_fr_s/viewall.html#ixzz2DfeJGZqg Stop reading the description and watch the movie! I do not own this film. For Educational and nonprofit use only under the Fair Use Act of 1976.

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Need For Speed: The Run - Movie | Difficulty: Normal | View: 1st Full race length, short animated intros and edited QTEs. Scene index below, click [Show More]. Format: 16:9 | 1920x1080 HD | 2h 16m 37s Cast: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2134107/fullcredits/ Stages: -------------------- By Vehicle Audi RS4: 00:01:30 BMW E92 M3 GTS: 00:05:23 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Valentino Balboni: 00:39:45 Ford Taurus Interceptor (Police): 01:29:19 Audi R8 V10: 01:33:20 Porsche 918 RSR: 01:45:29 -------------------- By Location West Coast - S01 E01 - Intro C01 - Scrap and Metal Yard (Oakland, CA) 00:01:30 M01 - Chinatown (San Francisco, CA) [Sam Harper] 00:02:46 V01 - The Embarcadero (San Francisco, CA) 00:5:00 R01 - Downtown (San Francisco, CA) 00:5:28 R02 - Altamont Pass Rd (Altamont Pass, CA) 00:9:16 T01 - Interstate 580 (Altamont Pass, CA) 00:12:00 National Park - S02 R03 - 140 Hwy (Yosemite Approarch, CA) 00:14:23 T02 - El Portal Rd. (Yosemite National Park, CA) 00:16:23 R04 - El Capitan (Yosemite National Park, CA) 00:18:22 R05 - Tioga Pass Rd. (Tioga Pass, CA) 00:19:56 R06 - Ellery Lake (Tioga Pass, CA) 00:21:50 Death Valley - S03 R07 - Panamint Valley (Death Valley National Park, CA) 00:25:01 R08 - Junction Rd. (Death Valley National Park, CA) 00:27:55 R09 - Old Spanish Trail (Calvada Springs, NV) 00:29:46 R10 - Interstate 15 [Nikki & Mila] (Las Vegas, NV) 00:32:21 R11 - Las Vegas Blvd. (Las Vegas, NV) 00:35:48 C02 - Northshore Rd. (Las Vegas, NV) 00:37:10 F01 - Escape The Cops (Las Vegas, NV) 00:38:00 V02 - Valet Parking (Las Vegas, NV) 00:39:40 Desert Hills - S04 R12 - Northshore Rd. (Valley Of Fire, NV) 00:39:45 T03 - Hwy 169 [Marcus Blackwell] (Moapa Valley, NV) 00:42:02 R13 - Rockville (Zion National Park, UT) 00:44:07 R14 - Red Mountain Pass (Million Dollar Highway, CO) 00:46:56 R15 - Loghill (Million Dollar Highway, CO) 00:50:00 The Rockies - S05 R16 - Interstate 70 (Grand Mesa National Forest, CO) 00:51:58 R17 - Glenwood Springs (Grand Mesa Natl. Forest, CO) 00:55:13 R18 - Route 82 [Cesa DeLeon's Crew] (Snowmass, CO) 00:58:45 T04 - Aspen (Independence Pass, CO) 01:01:21 R19 - Sumit (Independence Pass, CO) 01:04:02 The Plains - S06 R20 - Commerce City (Denver, CO) 01:07:47 R21 - Highway 20 (Rushville, NE) 01:10:16 R22 - South Dakota 44 (Badlands National Park, SD) 1:12:01 T05 - South Dakota 240 (Buffalo Gap, SD) 1:14:51 R23 - County Rd 25 [Calvin Garret] (Lismore, MN) 1:17:41 Chicago Approach - S07 R24 - Country Hwy. (La Crosse, WI) 1:19:28 R25 - Riverside Dr. (Fort Atkinson, WI) 1:21:48 R26 - Kennedy Expressway (Park Ridge, IL) 1:24:18 R27 - Lower Walker [Marcus Blackwell] (Chicago, IL) 1:27:40 F02 - Run for your life 1:28:36 C03 - Carjack Police Cruiser 1:29:12 E02 - Escape from the car 1:32:05 V03 - Millenium Exotics 1:32:50 The Great Lakes - S08 R28 - Downtown (Chicago, IL) 1:33:20 R29 - Lakeshore Drive (Chicago, IL) 1:35:15 R30 - Interstate 75 (Toledo, OH) 1:37:36 R31 - Northwest Freeway (Cleveland, OH) 1:39:39 C04 - Industrial District (Cleveland, OH) 1:41:28 V04 - Uri's Garage (Cleveland, OH) 1:44:23 State Forest - S09 R32 - Expressway (Beaver Valley, PA) 1:45:29 R33 - Interstate 68 (National Fwy, WV) 1:47:38 R34 - Deer Park [Mila Belova] (Garret State Forest, MD) 1:49:50 T06 - Sawmill Drive (Big Run State Park, MD) 1:52:48 East Coast - S10 R35 - Pine Grove Rd. [Eddie Cooke] (Tumbling Run, PA) 1:55:02 R36 - Interstate 78 Express (New Jersey Approach, NJ) 1:57:16 R37 - Union (New Jersey, NJ) 1:58:41 R38 - Union (New Jersey, NJ) [Cesar DeLeon] 2:01:14 R39 - Liberty State Park [Calvin Garret] (New Jersey, NJ) 2:04:16 R40 - New York City [Marcus Blackwell] (New York, NY) 2:06:46 M02 - Brooklyn, NY 2:12:06 Credits 2:13:18 Stars 2:14:48 Brands 2:15:34 Locations 2:15:39 Full Credits 2:16:00 -------------------- Legend: [S] Stage [R] Position Race [C] Chase [M] Meeting [V] Vehicle Selection [E] Escape [T] Time [F] Foot Chase -------------------- Rig: Windows 8.1 Asus P9X79WS i7-3970X @ 3.50GHz, 64GB nVidia GeForce GTX TITAN x 4 Dell 2408WFP x 3 Note: Ending credit sequence was modified due to copyrighted music mixed with dialog and engine sounds. Full credits included. Thanks for watching.

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