ENVI9 - Nitrous Big Block Capri

Stuart Henry used to run a pretty wicked single turbo Capri and he's still got that car. But for shits and giggles he's built this big block Chevy powered Capri for a bit of fun. with a direct port fogger set-up he pumps about 450hp worth of Nitrous into this beast and it's currently the quickest Mod Street Nitrous car in the country.

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Big Cube Nitrous Small Block Falcon
With 451cubes up front, this small block Windsor powered Falcon has got some grunt and with a bit of Nitrous too it's got plenty of potential. They seemed to have some problems with it earlier in the day but it came gfood later at night. I reckon we'll see eights out of this car soon.

STAUNCH Torana - 632ci Nitrous Big Block
It was all action at the Street Machine Nationals and Johnny Wilson's Nitrous injected Torana was just one of many that ran personal bests at Sydney Dragway. The car runs a 632ci big block Chev with a 500hp direct port Nitrous system and ran a best of 7.46 at 191mph. i'm pretty sure that makes the second fastest Nitrous car in Australia.

2000hp Ford Cortina
Joe Gauci has been the king of the Modified Street Blown class (mini-tubbed, small tyre class) for the last couple years with his wicked Cortina. It's got a twin turbo 370ci Windsor under the bonnet and it runs 7.1 at over 200mph. But close the bonnet it just looks like a tough streeter. What an awesome machine!

Supercharged Mercedes With A Difference
Lots of Merc's are packing blowers these days but not many look like Guy Hall's 'Wild Bunch' inspired 280S which runs a supercharged 427ci small block Chev. Always cool to see something difference at the strip.