Can Your Truck do This?

This was shot in Siberia, the truck is an Ural. From

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To the Moon Frank! - D11R Going Vertical
DDnB pushing the limits once again.

Bieszczady 2009/01 off-road

World's most dangerous road bridge. EXTREME
World's most dangerous road bridge. GPS: 56°13'20.39"N 115°43'54.06"E is 570 meters (1870 feet) Russia Siberia Vitim River crossing River Land Rover Discovery. The bridge is 15 meters above the water. It is the old railway bridge which are not attached sleepers. Watch the 15 episodes of a professionally edited film of the Campus Siberia, Mongolia Expedition. You can watch movies in HD. Like as on Facebook Самое опасные мире мост в мире.Должен Видеть 世界上最危險的橋樑。必須看到 Ponte più pericoloso del mondo. Must See 世界で最も危険な橋。見なければならない Puente más peligroso del mundo. Hay que ver दुनिया के सबसे खतरनाक पुल. देखना होगा Pont le plus dangereux du monde. Must See Ponte mais perigosa do mundo Мост через речку Витим Rosyjski Most МОСТ в СИБИРИ! русские горки

Unloading 75-odd tonne of Stems in the Central North Island, New Zealand.