Top speed on the my 350Z

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350z burnout then change tire

Nissan 350Z 0-240 ( 280 hp )
Nissan 350Z 0-240 , and no more space Stock Z , Manual gearbox, 280hp Top speed is around this ;) Croatia, highway

Alberto 350Z 170+mph run
This was done at power setting 3 of 4. It is 17psi, pump gas + meth. 675whp, 634/ft/lbs, no penis shaped Dyno curves here this car makes serious TQ early. 80-173mph (GPS verified) starting in 3rd gear. Car was tuned by PFSUPERCARS

Hitting top speed on a 2009 Nissan 350z Enthusiast
(NOTE: it is Really Hard to hold a Camera while driving really fast! lol so excuse the messy filming haha!) Was driving down to san diego on the 5 freeway, almost making it to 160 mph. But a CHP rui