GMC Canyon Flowmaster 40

Flowmaster super 40 series...Just a few revs

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2005 GMC Canyon/Chevy Colorado 3.5L I5 - Exhaust Comparison Stock vs. Flowmaster 40 Series
While trying to figure out what muffler to put on my 3.5L GMC Canyon I could find several videos showing examples of sound already installed but nothing really comparing stock vs. flowmaster. So, I made one. One problem with my setup is when it comes to in-cab sound, the noise from my cold air intake drownds out the sound from the muffler. * Also didn't know at the time the muffler had a pinhole leak at the inlet. That has since been changed but no real difference in the sounds in the video. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

gmc canyon dual exhaust 2
just a different angle a little less distortion

2005 GMC canyon exhaust flowmaster cat-back
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GMC canyon K&N air intake
K&N cold air intake