Where does the Corvette Key go? Glove box and deck lid.

Like Corvette stuff too? Get your Corvette memorabilia here http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_li_qf_sp_sr_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=aps&keywords=Corvette&linkCode=as2&tag=httpwwwyou00f-20 Where does the Corvette Key go? It goes up vertically above the license plate if the battery were to die you can still open it from there. Other than that ONE place it works in the glove box. I made this video as just a side note spoof on the new technology that's becoming common while showcasing a fun car in the process. I had NO intention of this video becoming popular or getting so many views and comments. I've had a LOT of negativity, and hateful comments. Most of my videos get a great response and a lot of LOVE in the comments. Along with all the hate, in the last 30 days, I've gained 44 new subscribers from this whim video and I've made over $325.00 from this video. For that I say thank you! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! THIS CONTEST RAN IT'S COURSE AND IS NOW OVER. I WILL BE DOING FURTHER GIVE AWAYS SOON. =) (This contest began November 17th at 9:40 Pacific Standard Time 2012- and ended Nov,17 2012 10:06pm the same day. Congratulations to KoldNawledge0 from Canada- WINNER!)

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Start your Corvette with a dead Key Fob
How do you start your Corvette when the battery in your Key is dead? Watch this. https://youtu.be/fubTi5Hcosw In addition to all of the how to's i like to do, I've been lucky enough to own three corvette's in my life and am always surprised to find out the simple dumb little things that corvette owners should know and don't. It's not really anyone's fault we all do the same thing. We go and buy a car and don't think they all work the same way. That may be applicable in a lot of base model cars but when you get into performance cars it seems like there are a different set of rules. Some of the most basic things that Corvette owners need to know they never figure out until it is to late. then its search the forums or call your dealer. Well in an attempt to assist you with some of the most basic things I started this playlist on my channel. These are short video's and are here to help. leave comments below and questions. if your not sure just ask. I have access to more corvette's than most people just through association. These are the dumb things every corvette owner should know.

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How to Enter & Exit a Corvette With a Dead Battery - Ross Downing Chevrolet
The Chevy Corvette doesn't use an actual "key" to lock and unlock its doors. So how to you get into a Corvette when the battery dies? The C6 Corvettes use a fob that contains a key within it. If your Corvette battery dies, simply remove the key from within the fob device and insert it into the keyhole above the license plate panel at the rear of the car. Turn the key to unlatch the trunk, where you will find a cable on the left side of the trunk interior that you can pull to open the driver side car door. How do you get out of a Corvette with a dead battery? Help avoid this potentially embarrassing situation by knowing how to get out of your own car! There is a lever that you can pull on the driver side floor on the left side of the seat that will open the door for you. It may sound simple, but you wouldn't want to be trapped in a hot Vette in the summer yelling for help! Get more from your Chevy vehicles by visiting RossDowningChevrolet.com or ChevyCorvette.com

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