this is a clip from a 60 minute video avalible on ebay featuring factory sponcered American Motors racing from the 1970s. Race driver Mark Donahue is seen in this clip.

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1974 AMC Matador NASCAR No. 16 Winning at Darlington - Bobby Allison
17 top three finishes of 60 races in 1974 and 1975. 5 wins for the Matador in the same two years. The Penski Team with Bobby Allison did a phenomenal job People now a days are only familiar with the controversial styling. But AMC styling was build into the car to support NASCAR. AMC who wasn't involved in Auto Racing Previously made great strides in the early 70's at Trans Am events with the Javelin and AMX. Also on the Drag circuit and at NASCAR. AMC was acquired by Chrysler Corporation and AMC cars became known simply as Eagle. Eagle and Plymouth were both phased out of Chrysler eventually. Chrysler has since merged with Fiat to become FCA. Hundreds of Thousands of Matadors were produced between 1971 and 1978

1969 AMC Javelin Promotional Film Trans Am Racing - Javelin Breed
This film produced for public distribution by American Motors Corporation was about the racing season for the AMC Javelin in it's first year at Trans Am races. George Follmer and Peter Revson and Marc Donahue were drives of this car prepared by Roger Penski. This was the car that gave AMC it's first big racing credentials. This video was made from an original film negative. 240,000 Javelins were produced by AMC between 1968 and 1974 model years.

American Motors Corporation Javelins & AMXs

1974 AMC Matador Modified YelBlu Disney061514
You may have seen Matadors before, but I'd bet you've never seen one like this before! The owner really liked the original, but those bumpers were a problem, so he basically redesigned the car's exterior with parts that he hand fabricated. The interior was redone in the same seating material used in commercial airliners. You have to wonder, if you didn't know the history of this car, that it might have been an "idea" car generated by AMC stylists..such is the quality and the boldness of design of this one-off car. Kudos to the owner/designer...a real tribute to imaginative design! The engine is an AMC 401.