this is a clip from a 60 minute video avalible on ebay featuring factory sponcered American Motors racing from the 1970s. Race driver Mark Donahue is seen in this clip.

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Cornado Speed Festival 2012 - 1970 AMC Javelin Full Race
Bruce Canepa running his 1970 ex-Penske AMC Javelin at the 2012 Cornado Speed Festival. This is the full race from the roof cam. Gets real interesting once they start hitting traffic, and Bruce sets up a great pass to re-claim the lead and the win at around the 16:30 mark.

Trans Am Challenge
Mark Donohue and George Folmer battle for the 1971 championship.

Mark Donohue Fatal Crash (Alternate Footage)
Mark Donohue is killed during a practice session for the 1975 Austrian Grand Prix. On his second lap, while approaching at about 260 km/h the Hella Licht-kurve at the end of the main straight, a rear tyre of his March 751 - Ford suddenly blew, the out of control car went through the fence on the left side for about 60 meters, climbed over the guard-rail and overturned into a ravine, just a few meters beyond the underpass in which several people were standing. Donohue who was hit in the head by a fence post and knocked unconscious, was helped by Emerson Fittipaldi, Bob Evans and Hans Joachim Stuck who first arrived at the scene of the accident and parked their cars. Several minutes later Donohue regained consciousness and spoke with his rescuers who took him to Knittelfeld hospital. During the day, being the state of health still worrying, he was airlifted to the Universitätsklinik of Graz where he was operated by Dr. Fritz Heppner. His condition quickly worsened and he passed away two days later, victim of a blood clot in his brain. Debris from Donohue's car - particularly a wheel - involved three marshals, seriously injuring two of them, Manfred Schaller and Gottfried Crnic, and a policeman, Richard Hüttner from Baden, who sustained critical head injuries. They were treated at a Knittelfeld hospital, where Manfred Schaller passed away at 09h20 on Tuesday 19 August 1975. Following Mark Donohue's fatal accident, the Hella Licht-kurve was tightened in 1976 and the Zeltweg track lenght passed from 5.911 kms to 5.906 kms, before a full chicane was installed in 1977 and the Zeltweg track length became 5.941 kms. R.I.P. Mark Donohue

Brian's AMC Bone Yard
We went out to Sask., to grab as many AMC parts as we could before the crusher comes for all these cars. Here's a an overview of the yard. These cars are probably gonna be gone within a week or so.