1983 z28 Camaro 305 Ho 5 Speed 3.73 Gears

Cold Day 1983 Z28 305Ho 5 Speed 3.73 Gears Taking Off

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3.73 gear swap.
here is a comparison video with the new 3.73 gears. So far I like them more than the 3.23.

305 HO Malibu Races Dodge Neon SRT4, and MazdaSpeed 6
late 70s Malibu with 305 HO vs SRT4 and MS6. Srt4 is stage 1.5 and takes the malibu. MS6 launches on the malibu, but gets caught up. :)

1985 Camaro Z28 5 speed manual
I had some requests on here a while back to record another video with this camera angle when driving so I recorded this in my 1985 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5 speed manual.

monster after new rear end gears
put 3.73 with my super modified m-22. 409 mildly modified. 10.25 cr....timing at 8 degrees( retimed at 12) made big difference. in video only 1/3 throttle. at 4000 rpm's. i am not getting into it at all. thanks.