Nissan Maxima vs Pontiac GTO


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2004 Nissan Maxima Makes a 12.94 pass
Imports vs Domestics at Capital Raceway in Maryland

Mustang GT vs Nissan Maxima 3.5 V6
Here is me in my 04 Mustang GT. Not an extremely fast run but my fastest of the night. The Maxima has an Exhaust, cold air, and not sure about anything else. First run to this one I dropped almost half a second off my time. Think I can go faster with better technique. I got the win you can't make it out but I ran a 15.35 at 90.6 mph not very fast but 5800 feet really drops your time. For clarification, if anyone reads this, GT close lane gets the win, Maxima far lane

Badass white maxima on the freeway in Sacramento
Saw this last night driving on the 80 fwy, then onto the 50 fwy. Never saw the guys before but he was smiling ear to ear lookin at my max too