What I got from the Canadian Fingerboard Event ! :)

Big thanks to all the sponsors! Thanks to everyone who showed up :) Stay tuned for more footage of the event!

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The Journey For Fingerboards! | Bonus/Unused Clips TOUGH EXTREME FINGERBOARDS
Here is all the unused clips from TOUGH EXTREME FINGERBOARDING! I had a different video in mind which is where these clips came from, but I thought these were a neat "behind-the-scenes" type of video. Hope you all liked it! SUBSCRIBE: youtube.com/user/caseybechler Please like, comment, share or whatever it helps me out a ton! I appreciate as always. Follow me on social medias: @caseyabechler (Twitter & Instagram) My public Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caseybechlerskate - Casey

what i got at the canadian fingerboard event
omg so awesome. i had such a great time. the event was held by curtis stewart. i met loads of cool people including, mike schneider, adrian witzel, jeldo ulpts, sid (vicious274), curtis stewart, jordan green (redemption), and many more. i calculated all the stuff i got and it was easily over 600 dollars worth of free stuff. all i can say is that you to everyone and next year if you can make it, COME!!! see you there!!!

Canadian Fingerboard Event
http://vimeo.com/29686259 Big thanks to Sid for hosting us and bringing us to the event, as well as helping organize it, and to Curtis Stewart for organizing the event! It was a great time, and hopefully after the nice turnout we can make the next one even bigger! Sponsored by FlatFace, Blackriver, Lowpro, and more!

California FlatFace Blackriver Tour 2014 - Part 12 - Grinder'z Fingerboard Event
www.flatfacefingerboards.com www.blackriver-ramps.com Video part 12 of the FF BRR Tour in Cali. Fingerboard event in Huntington Beach at Grinderz.