B5 S4 Straight pipe AMAZING SOUND!!!!

this is my 2001 S4, all stock exept for Exhaust

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2001 Audi S4 ride w/ some turbo spool
2001.5 Audi S4 with straight pipe Exhaust just going for a cruise. Nothing special. Just showing my car. One gauge is flashing cause sensor isn't hooked up yet. Its for oil pressure.

Audi S4 B5 Straight Pipe 3.5" first snow at 2016
Happy new year

00 Audi b5 s4 stage 3 awe straight pipe
This is a fully built 2000 Audi s4 with a full stage 3 kit Rs4 k04 turbos 440cc green giant injectors Rs4 MAF Forge diverter valvles Stage 3+ 6 puch clutch Spec stage 3+ lightweight flywheel JHM short throw shifter AWE Twin Two Exhaust - no cats no muffler - straight pipe APR bi-pipe JHM front mount Intercooler

B5 S4 TiAL 605 w/ 034 3.5" EXHAUST
Sound;Neumann TLM 103 Exhaust:034 3.5" single, one muffler, no cats, 3" DP. Car was already warm EPL Base Tune