Jeep XJ Flowmaster Super 44 (Driving)

This is my Jeep Cherokee XJ with a Flowmaster Super 44 while driving. Stock 2.25" tubing and stock cat. You can notice that it sounds like a rice burner just a bit in the high RPMs but that's from the camera. The video was shot in the back-end with the tailgate cracked open so you don't see much but you can hear it fine. The Exhaust has a very throaty tone to it which sets it apart, when it comes to the sound, from other Exhausts on 4.0 engines.

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XJ flowmaster super 44 windows down
Shows how the Exhaust sounds with the windows down, also the h4 headlight upgrade. IPF housings, upgraded harness, and IPF bulbs

Jeep Cherokee flowmaster super 44 exhaust turndown 4.0 litre

Jeep Cherokee XJ with Flowmaster supper 44
LISTEN TO THIS WITH HIGH QUALITY HEADPHONES OR SPEAKERS ONLY. Like anything, it wont sound the same, or near the same unless you use high quality listening devices. Turn the bass up and enjoy. Its not obnoxiously loud at idol, and sounds pretty deep and smooth on hard excelleration, and on deceleration(engine breaking) it sounds pretty raspy and bad ass. I've never been one for an obnoxiously loud exahust, but I really love the sound and tone produced by this muffler. I purchased it at The owner is a vendor on and is a really great guy. The kit is around $100, but shipping across the country was $50. Even so, $150 for a cat back system like this is an incredible price.

Jeep Cherokee Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler
Just a video of me revving it, close up idle, and acceleration. Sorry I didn't get more speed when I took off, I spun the tires in the dirt. It has a very aggressive sound and gets a little raspy above 4,000 rpms, but I like it. It has the high output inline 6 4.0 liter engine in it. All stock engine. Has 3 inch procomp lift with 2 inch shackles in the back. 31 inch BFG All-Terrains and 2 inch spacers. Blacked out turn signals and all 3 brake lights and has projector fog lamps. All new speaker system and head unit with 12 inch Kicker sub and 350 watt amp.