LT1 Regal After Paint

Buick Regal home after paint job. Wet sand and buff still to come.

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82 regal t top with lt1 350

OSC's GTR vs SSI's LT1 Regal ($$ Race)
A clip of OSC's GTR on street tires vs SSI's 396LT1 Regal on full slicks ON MOTOR. Cee spun a lot and the regal fell on its face at the 2:03 mark rematch coming soon with the Regal on spray and OSC on his R888 tires! subscribe for more and enjoy the vid!! Song name: Levels (Skrillex Remix) -Avicii (ALL CLIPS ARE 100% COMPUTER GENERATED)

Regal Polished and bumpers Installed
Finally got the smoothed bumpers and the grill done. Few coats of wax and some trim pieces and shes DONE!!

1984 Regal V8 Swap
Swapped out the V6 for a V8 and converted from fuel injection to carburetor