Icing Boots in Action

Watch as the deicing boots on a known ice certified Cessna 210 do their magic.

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Boots Deicing in Severe Icing Conditions 2
take a look on the use of inflatable leadingedge boots for wing ice protection in severe ice conditions

360° cockpit view | SWISS Airbus A320 | Geneva – Zurich
✈ ✈ CHECK OUT ThreeSixZero! OUR 360 CHANNEL, DEDICATED TO 360 VIDEOS ONLY ✈ ✈ http://bit.ly/threesixzero ___ ✈ ✈ ABOUT THIS VIDEO ✈ ✈ 360° Cockpit view of a SWISS Airbus A320 flying from Geneva (GVA) to Zurich (ZRH). Flight commander Luc Wolfensberger and First Officer Martin Radinger take you on a flight over Switzerland. Watch the line up, takeoff, approach and landing from inside the cockpit with 360° of freedom. ✈ Read the story on Blick (German): http://bit.ly/BLICK_Airbus ___ ✈ ✈ FLIGHT INFORMATION ✈ ✈ Flight nr: LX2809 Call sign: «Swiss 57 Papa-Uniform». Aircraft info: http://bit.ly/SWISS_A320 Waypoint «SOSAL» on skyvector.com: http://bit.ly/sosal ___ ✈ ✈ CREDITS ✈ ✈ Video by Dominik Baumann/Blick: http://www.blick.ch Captions by Alexander Klee/Blick: http://bit.ly/BlickVJ_kll ✈ Kindly supported by SWISS: http://www.swiss.com ✈ Swiss' YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SwissIntlAirlines Want to become a pilot? https://www.swiss.com/corporate/en/careers ___ ✈ ✈ TECHNOLOGY ✈ ✈ Filmed with 6 GoPros on a freedom360 rig. Postproduction with AutoPano by kolor.com. Watch in Chrome browser (Desktop) or the official YouTube app (Mobile)! ___ ✈ ✈ OTHER 360 VIDEOS ✈ ✈ ✈ All 360° Videos: http://bit.ly/ThreeSixZeroVideos ✈ 360° Flying: http://bit.ly/ThreeSixZeroAviation ✈ 360° takeoff and landing of a SWISS Airbus: https://youtu.be/HEEIzZ7UjRg ✈ 360° air show with the Swiss Air Force PC-7 TEAM: https://youtu.be/oxtlr2-2FVk ✈ 360° flight training over a mountain lake: https://youtu.be/0GxIEPjlwIg ___ THREE SIX ZERO Check out our VR Channel «ThreeSixZero» for more experiences like this: http://bit.ly/threesixzero ______________ © 2015 BLICK

Ice on the Wing! Turkish A330 Crosswind Landing in Düsseldorf - THY A330 Kanatlarda Buzlanma
Thanks for Watching, please let me know what you think. Your likes and subs mean a lot! Here is an interesting footage of the beautiful A330s landing. Not because there was a significant crosswind, a classic DUS condition, but there was acuululation of ice on the Wings as i recorded it! I did not even realize that was indeed ice, until i watched the video i captured. If you watch closely, you can see it accumulates, and it melts really fast thanks to wing anti-ice system. There is also a grid structure of anti-ice (my guess) visible when the ice melts. Cam is Panasonic TM900 @50 fps. Please do not copy video/audio without permission, for this video is copyright protected. Thank you...

737 thrust reversers, spoilers, and flaps in down position
This is at the Aviation Technology Center in Indianapolis.