Icing Boots in Action

Watch as the deicing boots on a known ice certified Cessna 210 do their magic.

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Boots Deicing in Severe Icing Conditions 2
take a look on the use of inflatable leadingedge boots for wing ice protection in severe ice conditions

787 Wing Ice Protection System Video
Ultra Electronics 787 Wing Ice Protection System Video

Ice on the Wing! Turkish A330 Crosswind Landing in Düsseldorf - THY A330 Kanatlarda Buzlanma
Thanks for Watching, please let me know what you think. Your likes and subs mean a lot! Here is an interesting footage of the beautiful A330s landing. Not because there was a significant crosswind, a classic DUS condition, but there was acuululation of ice on the Wings as i recorded it! I did not even realize that was indeed ice, until i watched the video i captured. If you watch closely, you can see it accumulates, and it melts really fast thanks to wing anti-ice system. There is also a grid structure of anti-ice (my guess) visible when the ice melts. Cam is Panasonic TM900 @50 fps. Please do not copy video/audio without permission, for this video is copyright protected. Thank you...

737 thrust reversers, spoilers, and flaps in down position
This is at the Aviation Technology Center in Indianapolis.