Volvo 245 DL walkaround is the ultimate Volvo website which will contain all info about classic Volvos! If you need any parts manuals, hints and tips or service manuals you can view them at We're still developing the website so stay tuned for extra info about your favorite Volvo car. On October 13 2012 I visited the Volvo Klassieker Beurs (aka: Volvobeurs), which is the yearly Volvo classic car event in The Netherlands, organised by the Dutch Volvo Club (in Dutch: Volvo Klassieker Vereniging). The event takes 2 days (October 13 and October 14) and was this year in Nieuwegein at the Home Boxx expo, where it was held for the first time. Unfortunately the parking lot wasn't a private parking, resulting in a mix of several cars: each year the parking lot is sorted by the type of Volvo classic car which results in only the same cars standing next to eachother. This video shows a very typical early 80s car: a brown Volvo 245 DL estate. The Volvo 245 is the stationcar version of the 240. The last number indicates the number of doors: a 242 is a Volvo 200-series with 4 cylinder engine and 2 doors, the 244 is a 4-cylinder with 4-door and the 245 has 5 doors. Note: the diesels (with Volkswagen D24 engine) aren't called 264 and 265 since the 244 and 245 diesel are less luxuous than the 260-series. Please visit for all info about the Volvo PV, Amazon, P1800, 240 and 260-series, 740, 760 and 780, 900-series and 850.

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Volvo 240 Break, la brique suédoise : dès 5 000 €
Oui, le plaisir automobile peut venir sous plusieurs formes, même sous celle d'une brique suédoise. Avec des airs aristocrates à l'instar d'une Jaguar XJ6 ou d'un Range Rover, la Volvo 240 Break a fait partie du décor de la jeunesse de nombre d'entre nous, que ce soit dans la rue ou dans les feuilletons américains. Après une vingtaine d'années de production, c'est devenu l'emblème du break Volvo pouvant embarquer jusqu'à 2 m3 une fois la banquette arrière rabattue avec deux mètres de longueur de chargement.

1984 Volvo 240 Wagon Restoration Episode 1
Meet Carol, our blue 1984 Volvo 240 station wagon. M46 overdrive, B23 slow engine and a plethora of extra parts to use or sell. There's a lot we'll be doing in the upcoming months so keep up by subscribing here! _______________________________________________________ Music: The Copycuts "Soul Rising", "Lovers Like Neon" and "Next Life" licensed under creative commons. _Neon The Copycuts license CC BY-SA 4.0

Volvo 245 TURBO SWAP
Just a Sunday cruising with family. VOLVO 245, 1991 B230F+T M47 Simons 3" Exhaust Hi tuning chips Garrett @ 0,65 bar 1030 3,54 Limited slip differential rear axel Virgo 15" wheels

Volvo 240 Diamant D24 1987 - in/out walk-around and engine sound
Volvo 240/245 limited edition "Diamant" manufactured in 1987 to celebrate Volvo's 60th anniversary. 2.4L 6 cylinder in-line diesel engine manufactured by VW. French amateur dedicated link: VW D24 engine: