Built B18c5-EJ vs. Built b18c-EK

b18c5 has spoon cams w/ Skunk2 Valvetrain. Ek has a fully built jdm gsr motor......ha ha.......never step to an R......

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B-Series All Motor EG Vs K-Series All Motor TypeR
His Honda is in Honda Tuning magazine JUNE 2012 issue article Restomod Heat Seeker Some Videos of my buddys Real Honda Integra TypeR With DC5 TypeR Swap K20A Vs My EG Hatch With a B-Series

93 EG B18cR vs 2004 350z
Too much traffic to do any runs from a launch, only 1 failed attempt from a dig :D EG : 96 spec B18cR 4.4fd LSD 2.5" CAI 2.5" custom Exhaust 350z: ACT lightened flywheel 2.5" mandrel custom Exhaust Stg 2 clutch Stillen CAI

EM1 USDM itr B18c5 VS EK hatch JDM itr B18C-R
Late night summer in Texas nice an hot out, couple of Honda 4 bangers em1 usdm itr b18c5 vs ek hatch jdm itr b18c-r recorded by Standalone Productions these two were pretty evenly matched both gorgeous cars modified very tastefully

RSX-S vs. E36 M3 vs. B18C5 EG Civic
Mods in the Video.