Built B18c5-EJ vs. Built b18c-EK

b18c5 has spoon cams w/ Skunk2 Valvetrain. Ek has a fully built jdm gsr motor......ha ha.......never step to an R......

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EM1 USDM itr B18c5 VS EK hatch JDM itr B18C-R
Late night summer in Texas nice an hot out, couple of Honda 4 bangers em1 usdm itr b18c5 vs ek hatch jdm itr b18c-r recorded by Standalone Productions these two were pretty evenly matched both gorgeous cars modified very tastefully

richards b20vtec vs b18c5
richards:yellow integra type r b20vtec built gsr head w/b16tranny tuned on chrome vs jdm integra 4door with built b18c5 tuned on chrome

RSX-S vs. E36 M3 vs. B18C5 EG Civic
Mods in the Video.

93 EG B18cR vs 2004 350z
Too much traffic to do any runs from a launch, only 1 failed attempt from a dig :D EG : 96 spec B18cR 4.4fd LSD 2.5" CAI 2.5" custom Exhaust 350z: ACT lightened flywheel 2.5" mandrel custom Exhaust Stg 2 clutch Stillen CAI