Turbo and Supercharged Lotus coming up Mulholland

A turbo and Supercharged (compound system) Lotus coming up Mulholland

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Lotus with a compound charger setup on Mulholland
This Lotus has a turbo and Supercharger, 500+HP

Wheelies on Mulholland 10/09/11
Wheelies on Mulholland 10/09/11

Ride in a Lotus with a turbo and supercharger
Ride in a Lotus with a compound charger system which is a turbo and Supercharger. Car is at around 500HP. Footage is bouncy due to hand holding the camera and a very bumpy road.

The Wolfpack on Mulholland Highway - motorcycle riders on The Snake
The Wolfpack on the Snake section of Mulholland Highway on 10/09/11. To see more videos of the Yamaha R1 visit http://www.youtube.com/user/Adeysworld