550+hp G35 loses inner fender at 120mph - 452whp Nismo 350z Chase Car

Top Dawg Racing Event Hendersonville Airstrip, Hendersonville, NC Forged Performance

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How to pull your fender tutorial
pulling a fender using the telephone book method. just two guys in a garage trying to make some clearence on a badass ride. one doing the work and the other videoing it. had a chance to actually watch the process, so i videoed it for others to see in our local club. Car: Hyundai genesis Owner: sLydFX Video by: saru808...aka: Piscemonkey

350z vs Duramax LB7 Caught by Police Racing!
350z vs Duramax get caught street racing by the police. Race was somewhere in Canada.

2007 350Z chasing R35 GTR
watch the video

350z vdc and slip