Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series: Images And Sounds

I filmed for you this beastly Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series: you can see it parked in the Casino's square in Monaco and then doing some loud flybys while driving in the Principauté, followed by a black Audi R8. You can admire it also in combo with a Pagani Zonda and a Koenigsegg CCREvo!! The SL65 AMG Black Series is a performance version of the "regular" SL65: the power output has been increased to 670hp while the weight has been lowered by the use of light carbon fibre composites (CFRP) parts. Enjoy this incredible machine! And subscribe to my channel! Carlo

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Pagani Owner's Club Meet - 10th Vanishing Point
Check out my Facebook page for all the best automotive based content: SEE MORE I am very proud to bring you another exclusive video from one of the most secret events of the year: the Vanishing Point, the annual gathering of the Pagani Owner's Club! The video shows the meeting at the Pagani headquarters and the cars leaving for Verona. Some of the cars taking part in this year rally are definitely rare: a 1 of 5 Zonda 5 Roadster, a 1 of 3 Zonda Tricolore and the one and only Zonda 760 LM! Enjoy! Subscribe to my channel! Carlo

2 Minutes Of Accelerations - Top Marques Monaco 2012
As every year, the Top Marques Monaco closed the Piscine area in order to allow test drivers to feel the power of all the different cars or showing it to buyers. So here's a simple compilations of all best accelerations in this sector ( everyone accelerated everywhere )! You will see: Lamborghini Aventador Mansory Stallone (based on a Ferrari 599) GTA Spano Hamann SLS Hawk Roadster (based on a Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster) Hamann X6M Tycoon EVO KTM X-Bow R Abarth 500 Cup MSDesing Roding Roadster Enjoy!Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!! Carlo

Fairmont's Supercar Park - Epic Combo
In Monaco, the Fairmont's Hotel car park is the home for many supercars troughtout the year but during the Top Marques the level of the cars parked there is outstanding. This time it was mad!! Parked one alongside the other, you could have saw: Ferrari F430 Scuderia 3x Ferrari 458 (Blu Pozzi, Rosso Corsa and the beautiful Rosso Tristrato) Lamborghini Aventador Gemballa Mistrale (tuning based on a Porsche Panamera) Ferrari Enzo It was amazing! Subscribe to my channel because much more is coming!! Carlo

Driving AlfaRomeo 4C Spider w/ Marchettino
Subtitles Availables! I met my good friend Marchettino who is currently testing an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: what a fun little car! Definitely more a toy than a real car: pretty much no space, no outwards visibility and unnerving in traffic but lots of fun on tap! I hate to say it but I really enjoyed this little monster! Enjoy! Subscribe to my channel! Carlo Check out my Facebook page for all the best automotive based content: Follow me on social media for live updates: Twitter ► @carlodelucis Instagram ► @carlodelucis Snapchat ► @carlodelucis