Datsun 1000 (VB10) A10 engine start up in box trailer v2.wmv

I recently bought an old A10 engine with 4 speed box for $84 on ebay. It had been sitting out in the weather and has not run for a long long time. Curious whether a rebuild was immediately required (or not) I hooked up some fuel and started it up in the back of the box trailer it arrived in. Was quite surprised how well it ran :-)

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Datsun 1000 & worked 1200cc engine
Datsun 1000 with a worked A12. Initial start-up after the first round of adjustments. This isn't nearly full throttle, I'll follow up with another video of when it's running a little better. You should get an idea of how worked the engine is though. Still need to get jets, chokes, rocker arms etc looked at as it doesn't respond to the throttle as well as it should [it's also running rich]. Sorry about the poor quality footage.

Datsun A10 rebuilt engine
Datsun A10 988cc rebuilt engine by M'Auto Retro Car VietNam ( fanpage)

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Engine Test Datsun j15 ทดสอบเครื่อง ช้างเหยียบ