Datsun 1000 (VB10) A10 engine start up in box trailer v2.wmv

I recently bought an old A10 engine with 4 speed box for $84 on ebay. It had been sitting out in the weather and has not run for a long long time. Curious whether a rebuild was immediately required (or not) I hooked up some fuel and started it up in the back of the box trailer it arrived in. Was quite surprised how well it ran :-)

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A15 Startup in my 1200 Coupe
Startup video of my 1200 coupe project car. Fresh A15, (standard size/spec pistons/rods/cam) rally grind cam, flows, lightened flywheel, 40mm dellortos, oval port head (ported, planed, double valves springs) running no Exhaust in this video. soon to be custom EFI / ITB & megasquirt.

F-35 Draken Engine startup
Each year an Ex-RDAF Saab F-35 Draken is started up at its old home base Karup in Jutland. The engine is run up to full afterburner several times. In this video the engine is run at full afterburner 4 times.

Old boat pedder bay marina easthope engine
Old boat at Pedder Bay, easthope engine with a flywheel start up. Guy had some trouble getting it going.

Atlas 3 Cylinder Diesel 1927 Tug Boat Engine
Atlas 3 Cylinder Diesel 1927 Tug Boat Engine owned by Motor Transport Musem, shown at the 2012 EDG