my custom long travel mini buggy

Now you can find me on facebook:!/pages/MonsterAir/198629653520515 Hi! I`m finally completed with my project after 3 years of hard work ;) It took me over 2000 hour to build this buggy and now its finally ready. I have design and construct the whole buggy myself please tell me what you think about it. Its got a honda cbr 929rr fireblad motocycle engine 150 hp. front suspension travel about 25 inches and 28" in the rear it has 2" bypass fox shocks. frame and suspension made from 1" chromoly tubing, all tig welded and powder coated. itp mud lite 30" tires on t7 beadlocks. weigh about 1100 pounds and accelerates from 0-60 mph in about 4.5 sec, topspeed 100 mph. built to withstand 20+ feet high jumps

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EXTREME INSANE long travel buggy jumps
Probably the biggest jumps you ever seen a small motorcycle powered sandrail do! We usually jump motocross bikes in this ramp but this day I decided to hit it wide open with our custom built buggy! Follow us at: and:

buggy 2010 edit (reconstructed)
here it is! The brand new edition of my buggy. After some hard work in the shop the whole winter/spring its finally done with my new custom made heavy duty shockabsorbers. Extensive reconstruction has also been done to the frame. so now its ready to withstand bigger jumps and harder hits;) Tell me what ya think folks!!

first flip with my sandrail (snowrail:)
now you can find me on facebook: 515#!/pages/MonsterAir/198629653520515 some winter driving (feb 2009) with my own hand made cbr 929 buggy. just so much fun to jump on the snow hills. The run unfortunately ended on the roof, where was no big damage on it, just some broken bolts and uniballs, and a bend spoiler:) enjoy and don´t forget to leave a comment..xD

FL350 Honda Odyssey Custom Long Travel Front Suspension, Finally: The Ride!
This video is a quick ride around of my FL350 in order to show the new a arm front suspension I fabricated. Please watch my previous videos for more in depth detail of what went into this project. The buggy rides like it's on air and notice, it turns on a dime. You won't see to many oddys that turn this good. I appreciate everyone watching! If your a hater..haha...keep movin tiger... Please be notified that no part of this or any video produced posted listed or owned by METHODICAL FABRICATOR, can be used reproduced, stolen copied, paraphrased, quoted or basically used in any manner what so ever without my express written permission. This includes but not limited to: titles, descriptions, thumbnails, pictures, videos, video clips in whole or in part. Basically, please do the right thing and do not steal my intellectual property or real property.