GMC Syclone vs 2001 Camaro SS "That is ONE quick pickup truck"

I was running high 12s and the LS1 Camaro was running a similar time. He red-lighted and I gave chase! The announcer is good in this one, too. :-) UPDATE: To see the truck run 11.45 @ 117 in Nov. 2007, click here:

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GMC Syclone truck Kills 03 Cobra Mustang
My Syclone has a stock bottom end with Vortec heads, a 218* cam, a PT51 turbo, built 700R4 tranny, and 93 octane fuel with alcohol injection (20 PSI). Full weight full accessories (cold A/C) 100% STREET truck on all season radials. My best time this day was 11.45 @ 117.8 MPH with 1.68 60'. Read my website with information on exactly how I made the truck run like this:

Heads/Cam/Turbo Typhoon vs. Stock Turbo Syclone
My Syclone (approx 12.40) gets the hit from John G.'s Typhoon (approx low 11s). Good video to show the top end of the heads/cam/turbo package! UPDATE: To see the truck run 11.45 @ 117 in Nov. 2007 with a similar heads/cam upgrade to the Typhoon, click here:

me running my brother gmc typhoon bandi colorado see ya srt10......

Syclone vs 00TA
street racing betweet a sprayed ls1 ta and a turbo upgrade gmc syclone.