Turbo AU Ford Falcon LPG !new! 222.5rwkw

Backyard built AU turbo on LPG. My Partner drives this around with the kids. It uses a SNORT Kit It also has a vortech 12:1 fuel reg and fresh pump but is really set up to run LPG.

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AU Turbo on the road - now with 222.5rwkw
Got my camera woman to film some roll on and standing starts

977b into au motor
977b into a au motor into a eb xr6 :D

BA XR6 Turbo with LPG
this was the first XR6T to pass the emissions testing with the RTA at Botany The conversion was done at APS Frankston and the tech man was Hilbert from ALPGW.

EF Turbo
This is the first time I have turbo'd a EF falcon and this is the first start. I have a few little problems, I broke my fuel pressure reg putting the motor in the car and I have a small oil leak out of the oil turbo feed (just needs to be tightened) I have a fuel leak from under the car but have fixed that now. 16psi revving to 4000revs not to bad.