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gypsy trangender in shutka
Šutka is one of the ten municipalities forming the city of Skopje(Macedonia)It is the only municipality in the world with a Rom administration.Roms were elected for the first time in the Municipal Council of Skoplje in 1948.A few years later,they founded the sport club,Ekipe(Unity) and the cultural association Phralipe(Fraternity),which organized Rom music,dance and theater shows.The most famous member of Phralipe is the singer Esma Redžepova,wordly renowned as the "Tsigane Queen". On 26 July 1963,an earthquake destroyed two-thirds of Skopje.The Roms,who had been living since the XVIIth century in the borough of Topana,all moved to the hillside of Šutka,close to a garbage dump.They organized there their city,with an administration,shops and a cinema.In 1996 Šutka was granted municipal statutes,according to the decentralization law.Romanes was adopted as its official language.Since 1999, more than 4,000 Roms expelled from Kosovo because they allegely supported the Serbs against the Albanians settled in Šutka. here's one of their inahbitants...

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