Corvette Burnout Fail

Danny looking to roast the tires on my corvette before we changed them. Lets say the tires weren't the only thing that had to be changed that week after this. See more videos or buy DVDs and merchandise at FACEBOOK -

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Cops Chase Ford GT
Police chase a Ford GT through traffic. Partial scene from the dvd "Super Speeders 3 - On the Run". Available for rental or download on Amazon VOD or for purchase at FACEBOOK -

Ferrari 360 rental car vs 2 Ferrari Challenge Stradale
Trying to solve a great mystery about the abilities of one particular Ferrari 360 that despite its tough life as a rental car seemed to outperform Ferraris finest products. We try to get to the bottom of it. To answer some questions the car in question is a 2001 US spec 360 coupe with a tubby Exhaust and no cats. The odometer obviously broke and jumped to 555,555 at some point that is not the actual mileage. To see more from this sequence as well as how this Ferrari retires check out Scene from Super Speeders 2 - Across America (2005) FACEBOOK -

Best Exotic Car Crash Compilation from Super Speeders
Its pretty inevitable that when you give the wrong person a fast car bad things are bound to happen. When the only certification you need to purchase something you aren't able to operate is money, we are just glad to catch it on camera for you guys. NONE of these crashes resulted in any serious injury, the only injury from any of these were a pair of bruised knees and a bunch of bruised egos. FACEBOOK -

4 Door Mercedes Races V12 Lamborghini
Mercedes never seems to skimp on horsepower on their $ix Figure cars. We line up a stock 2007 S65 with 4 passengers against a V12 Lamborghini Mucielago. Outcome is closer than you might think. This was a partial scene from Super Speeders 4 Head to Head Filmed in 2007. Lamborghini Crash Rob Buys NSX Road Trip with Valentino Balboni Super Speeders 3 trailer