Camaro z28 1985 street racing

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Kristy's Surprise-1985 Camaro
As a surprise for my wife's birthday, I was able to get her first car, which was a 1985 Camaro Sport Coupe. When it arrived, it was in really rough shape and over the course of 3 months, with the help of many individuals I was able to install new springs, ball joints, wheels, tires, interior and have it painted. Mini City Auto Body did all of the paint and body work during this time and the results are amazing. Needless to say, Kristy was shocked. Note: In between Kristy's first ownership of the car and now, my brother had been driving it. After the ball joints wore out, it was parked and had not been driven regularly since 2005. He graciously gave the car back to me when I told him about my idea. It arrived in Wake Forest, NC on 6/23/08 and I gave the car to my wife on 9/27/08.

Iroc z28 Camaro 20" rims
1985 iroc z28 Camaro on 20" iroc

1985 Z28 Camaro Starting Problem Cold
Here is a video of the starting problem with my 1985 Z28 Camaro . This is from a cold start.

1985 Z28 Camaro
This is our 1985 Z28 Camaro that we just got running. It is a 5 speed with a new Centerforce clutch. It has a new ZZ4 GM Performance 350 with a aftermarket intake. It also has a 750 cfm performer series carb. It's still running on stock exaust.