Powercruise sydney 2012 V8 Datsun Coupe HD

Driving the wheels of the V8 Datsun. Starts well Finishes Bad HD

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monaro 427 vs all
monaro 427 wins

Nissan Skyline C110 - Datsun 240k GT
We check out an immaculate 240k GT / C110 Skyline built by brothers Gerry & Dave from the SAU Forums.. We also found this 1980 Skyline GT in Japan. One original owner! http://youtu.be/w1-iquk_s9k

Testing & loading cars ready for Sydney Powercrusie #35 2012 ~ insanegrunt.com
Video of testing/tuning & loading cars onto truck ready for Sydney Powercrusie #35 2012 By: Blake Williamson Recorded on my iPhone 4

Sydney Powercruise #35 Burnouts ~ insanegrunt.com
A small collection of footage from the burnouts on the wet burnout pad @ the Carline Mufflers Powercruise #35 March 2012 By: Blake Williamson www.insanegrunt.com