Powercruise sydney 2012 V8 Datsun Coupe HD

Driving the wheels of the V8 Datsun. Starts well Finishes Bad HD

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monaro 427 vs all
monaro 427 wins

powercruise 35 sydney 2012 sunday ed xr6 falcon turbo 2.wmv
powercruise 2012, sunday run, in the ed xr6 turbo ,sorry about the sound as the camera was in the wind..

Cruising at Powercruise Sydney 2012
http://www.performancegarage.com.au Cruising Eastern Creek Raceway

Testing & loading cars ready for Sydney Powercrusie #35 2012 ~ insanegrunt.com
Video of testing/tuning & loading cars onto truck ready for Sydney Powercrusie #35 2012 By: Blake Williamson Recorded on my iPhone 4