- Ceazdachamp Technology R Civic EK Crash @ ETown

Ceazdachamp went back to Englishtown to test the Technology R Civic EK. RIP to the Technology R Civic. Checkout for discount performance parts pricing!! Checkout for details on the upcoming Honda Day event September, 27th 2008. Checkout for more videos!!

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Nyce1s - Ceazdachamp & HI-Boost @ Import DPS for Honda Day 2015 Dyno Session....
Ceazdachamp of HiBoost is back at it with a new setup. He recently went to the dyne with his turbo SFWD Civic to get some initial data. We'll be seeing him at HDAY this weekend at Atco Dragway April 11th & 12th, 2015!! Checkout Event Info: Checkout Hi-Boost: Checkout Hi-Boost on Instagram: Checkout Nyce1s on Facebook: Nyce1s on IG: - Import Shootout @ NED 2008 Pt. 2!!
Here is the part 2 of the footage from the Import Shootout which took place at New England Dragway!! Checkout for some of the lowest parts prices on the internet!! Checkout for more videos!! - Nyce1s Power Up Dyno Series Battle Pt.2!!
Here is part 2 of the footage from the 1st ever Power Up Dyno Series brought to by ! Checkout for more race videos!!

Nyce1s - Eric's Ooh! K All Motor Civic @ Pan American Nationals Atco 2015...
Checkout Eric's all motor Civic Coupe competing at the 2015 Pan American Nationals. Congrats to him on taking home the W in his class! Check him out on Instagram @therealpaspaserro Check us out at Check us out on Instagram @officialnyce1s