South East Coast Ambulance Service - Volvo V50 D5 Rapid Response Vehicle Siren

Taken at the 2012 Brooklands Emergency Service Show. One of South East Coast Ambulance Services Volvo V50's sirens played by the wonderful me, I didn't get a video of the lights shamefully.

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South East Coast Ambulance Service Volvo V50 Rapid Response Vehicle Responding
One of SECAMB's older RRV's is seen responding along the A3100 in Guildford to a call nearby. Filmed on: 08/06/15

South East Coast Ambulance - Paramedic Responding
Volvo V50 Rapid Response Vehicle of the South East Coast Ambulance seen responding from base in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

South East Coast Ambulance Service // Emergency Ambulance Responding
An older Mercedes Sprinter, Emergency Ambulance, responding by Lambeth Roundabout towards St Thomas's hospital. Although it may be common in other south eastern areas of the UK, it's rare to see an older ambulance from SECAMB on lights and sirens in London. As far as I know there is currently only one other video of this ambulance responding in London. visit my flickr page:

Inside Out South
The College of Paramedics featured in the BBC Inside Out programme discussing the shortage of paramedics. This episode explores what is contributing to the shortage and follows a Paramedic from South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and visits the University of Surrey Paramedic BSc programme. Martin Berry from the College of Paramedics raises the need for increased and continuing investment into Paramedic education to start to manage the increased demand, but also warns that this is a long-term problem.