South East Coast Ambulance Service - Volvo V50 D5 Rapid Response Vehicle Siren

Taken at the 2012 Brooklands Emergency Service Show. One of South East Coast Ambulance Services Volvo V50's sirens played by the wonderful me, I didn't get a video of the lights shamefully.

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South East Coast Ambulance - Paramedic Responding
Volvo V50 Rapid Response Vehicle of the South East Coast Ambulance seen responding from base in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

South East Coast Ambulance Service - Calling an Ambulance
A film about calling an ambulance for people with learning disabilities This film uses 2 short scenarios to show people with learning disabilities: • how to call an ambulance • what may happen during the call • what may happen when the ambulance arrives. The first scenario focuses on Jeff, who cuts his hand at home, the second on Fred, who is out with his carer, Charlie, when Charlie collapses. The video is designed to be used with people with learning disabilities who want to learn more about calling an ambuance to provide information and generate discussion. It can also be used in training sessions for Ambulance Service staff about working with people with learning disabilities and may be helpful for other healthcare professionals. Some comments from the making of the video included: "It has helped the ambulance staff's confidence with working with people with learning disabilites" (South East Coast Ambulance staff member). "It's brilliant having a ride in the ambulance with the lights and sirens going" (actor with learning disabilities). This video is a partnership project between Sussex Community NHS Trust and South East Coast Ambulance NHS Trust Funded by West Sussex Arts and Health Network Copyright DreamVisionMedia/Sam Francis

Cyclist VS Ambulance | Eastbourne | RE10 PF2 | Road Rage
Hello again Nothing much needs to be said apart from literally all forms of vehicles and drivers can get seriously close. Bad driving and nothing the cyclist could do apart from brake and back of. On the bright side if he had of been hit atleast he would of been in safe hands :) Still stupid driving. Thanks for Watching Follow me on : Facebook : DanBartlett Twitter : @DanBartlett46 Instagram : @DanBartlett46

South Central Ambulance Service - Volvo V70 Rapid Response Vehicle On An Emergency Call
One of SCAS's lovely V70 RRV's seen here on an Emergency call out of Nursling Ambulance station. In the video you can also see a Hampshire police dog section vehicle coming out of the industrial estate.