Stock 2011 Chrysler 200 Touring runs 14.6 @ 92 MPH Drag Racing 1/4 Miles

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Chrysler 200 Flowmaster Super 10 Exhaust Before & After
I deleted my resonator and swapped my muffler with a Flowmaster Super 10. Wasn't hard at all, and it turned out really good. $250 total cost, including the $90 muffler.

13 Second Chrysler 200 (Compucar Nitrous)
3.6L Pentastar V6 FWD 2015 Chrysler 200 S, Dry Shot Compucar Nitrous Bottle in a Bag kit using the .39 Jet, no bottle heater, had 800 psi bottle pressure. Only other mods are swapped stock muffler for Flowmaster Super 10, and diy (inside bumper) cold air intake with K&N cone filter.

Chrysler 200S 3.6 Pentastar Round 3 at Rocky Mountain Raceway 1/4 mile Midnight Drags Bash 10-4-2013
This is the third round. Traction control off. Little better time. In left lane. Noticed it was WAY slippery on the way out the hole. Remember this is at 4200 feet above sea level. Runnning against a late 90's Mustang that was running a Procharger with an Intercooler. You can hear his BOV clearly. Not sure if that means he's gone beyond the typical 5-8 PSI on a Procharger or not. He was very quick, but I think he broke. His ETA was great but his MPH was terrible and I heard him lifting towards end. Mine 15.633 to his 13.439. Reaction .117 to his .180. 60' time 2.469 to his 1.682. My 89.10 (slowest of night) to his 78.78. He pulled off track afterwards and didn't return to lines as far as I know. This Chrysler 200S has about 16,000 miles I put on since bought new first week of May 2013 and is absolutely 100% stock. Looking forward to making a few mods in next couple years, but this event has psyched me up so much for next year I now have incentive to finish my Stealth R/T TT and my '67 Camaro projects.

Chrysler 200 VS KIA Cadenza
2011 Chrysler Limited 3.6L V6 ----- VS ----- 2014 KIA Cadenza Limited 3.5L V6 (middle east version)