500HP AUDI S4 Stage 3 Launches 2 times

B5 Audi s4 stage 3+ launches 2 times second launch is much better

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B5 Audi S4 biturbo Stage III 0-60 mph (100 km/h) in less than 4 seconds (AWD Launch/Burnout)...
0-60 mph in the 3's!!! A 4,000 RPM AWD launch in my VAST tuned Audi S4 quattro... Top of 2nd gear is 66 mph or 106 km/h. The car is launched at 4000 RPM and leaves with a nice AWD burnout.

ASP Stage 3 S4's 500+bhp
Full AutoSpeed Performance k04 Stg3's messin around asp dp's and catback with 89mm tips the imola is a 2.8l

Audi s4 b5 500hp 700nm e85 1b5
K04 630cc Bosch 044 Catback toyosport donwpipe toyosport Fmic jhm

1.8t Gt3071r vs Stage 3 ko4 S4
2nd gear pull