Best of Black Smoke Racing 2010 Compilation Video Finally the compilation video is edited and ready! Check out the video and see what we've been up to the 2010 season. Enjoy and Comment! also we need more sponsors for next season if someone is interested please contact us at or Thanks to Kouzin Bedlam and Gakko 3 for the music!

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Black Smoke at Gatebil Mantorp June 2017
Short compilation of Gatebil Mantorp event of June 2017

Black Smoke - Gatebil Rudskogen 2015
Throwback to the Gatebil main event in 2015. Filmed in July 2015. With English subs. Aerials by Engen Pikselindustri - Music by Cartridge 1987 - Video by Genero - Chase cars by - Team pony drift, Viktor Mårtensson, TV2 Norway

Carnia Motorsport BSR Drifting Edition Thanks for a nice evning! Music: Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous

Black Smoke Racing Best of 2011 Finally we got a compilation video done of the 2011 season. This came out so late you can also watch it as a teaser for the 2012 season. Music: The Wavers - Three Minutes to Escape. Pornophonique - Sad Robot