My Blown 69 Nova grocery getter.wmv

Dad and me terrorizing neighborhood in my blown 69 Nova grocery getter

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1970 Nova (Fat Rat) Blown BBC prepare for take off.
95.8 MPH in 268 ft with a very soft launch.

Stock to Blown-This is Nova Heaven.
Hung out with my buddy Rocky of Rocky's Garage for a ride in his Blown Chevy Nova and took a look around the shop. Nova Heaven indeed.

Test Driving The Fat Rat Blown Nova
New Trans some head work and a lot of you know what lol.

Speed-O-Motive's Customer Blown 65 Nova SS
Speed-O-Motive's Customer Blown 65 Nova SS. 700HP on our DTS engine Dyno running 91 octane pump gas. DART block, Pro Grade Stage 3 heads, Blower Shop 8-71, Custom COMP Solid Roller