South African Stannic Group N race at Kyalami for Class A and B production cars. This race took place near the end of the initial manufacturer-backed era and included the quickest ever South Africa-only production Opel Kadetts and 2.7 litre BMW 325iS Evo cars. Tony Viana lead the BMW attack in the 2.7 litre BMW 325iS Evolution II, while Mike Briggs headed up the Opel attack in the 2 litre Opel Kadett 16V Superboss. As usual the battle between them saw each driver extracting the absolute maximum from themselves and their cars.

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Final race of 1993 for the South African Stannic Super Touring Championship at Kyalami in October. Contenders for the championship were points leader Mike Briggs (Opel) and main challenger Deon Joubert (BMW).

Opel Kadett Superboss vs. BMW 325iS with Chris Harris
British journalist and YouTube sensation Chris Harris drive and discuss the legendary locally-developed Opel Kadettt 2,0 GSI 16V S, aka "The Superboss" and its rival, BMW's 325iS, both of which captured the imaginations of aficionados and fans of Group N circuit racing in the early Nineties. They drive the racing versions of both cars and the video includes NEVER SEEN BEFORE AMATEUR FOOTAGE of a pitlane disagreement between BMW and Opel protagonists, the late Tony Viana and Mike Briggs, from the period. Then Chris and Deon take two well-kept examples of the limited-edition Superboss and 325iS to a twisty road to see how they compare with modern hot hatches and sporty coupes. Watch Harris's reaction to the roadgoing Superboss or see more about it here: s-bmw-325is-feat-chris-harris-and-deon-joubert/

SA Stannic Group N 1993 East London.VOB
Stannic Group N racing at East London Grand Prix circuit in 1993. The old legends Tony Viana and Robbie Smith battling for the lead. Note these BMW e30 325is models were unique to South Africa. They had the suspension from the M3, including the wheels. The engines were Alpina sourced 2.7 litre units pushing out 155 kw in final form.

1989 Wesbank Modified Saloons - Kyalami 3
Wesbank Modified Saloons from Kyalami in 1989. This race includes a fast starting Hennie van der Linde (Nissan 300zx turbo) showing the power of the Nissan turbo, Sarel van der Merwe(Trans Am Audi Quattro) and Tony Viana(BMW M35) has a massive battle, Ben Morgenrood(Mazda RX7 Rotary) sneaks up to the front in the later stages, Willie Hepburn(Opel Rekord V8) has some issues and Graham Duxbury (Ford Sapphire Cosworth turbo) debuts the new Ford Sapphire in class A. Johan Coetzee(Nissan Skyline), Dick Sorensen(Nissan Skyline GTX),Gary Dunkerley(Porsche 911) Nico Bianco(Alfa GTV) and Paddy Driver(Mazda RX7) completes the class B field of the fastest saloon car racing series in South Africa.