Honda City 2008 vs VW Golf 2002 Race

both stock city is V-TEC but the computer is not opened

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VW Golf Mk1 1056HP vs Yamaha R1 182HP street race Full Version CMIYC#1
VW Golf MK1 4Motion 1056HP & 1001Nm street car 2.0L 16V turbo ABF engine. GTX4202R turbocharger. CNC-cylinder head from NG-Motorsports. KMS ECU mapping by Boba-Motoring Facebook/BobaMotoring

New Honda City 1.5V flat-out top speed test..
Honda City 1.5V stock. I could not get the best 0-100 time as I did not shift at the right moments. Probably, keeping it in drive D mode would have helped my cause. ECM restricts the top speed to 190 kmph. I guess it can do more. Tested it out in 4th gear only.

Honda City Felmon Slalom
Slalom at Kenjeran on June 8th 2008

Top Speed Honda City idsi 2005 with HotBits Header
Top Speed Honda City idsi 1.3L Auto 2005 with HotBits Header Honda City 7 speed CVT Zx